3M Filtrete Air Filters

Indoor air contains a wide range of particles including pollen, dust, mold and bacteria. If you want your indoor air filtration system to work its best, you must regularly change your 3M Filtrete air filters (every 3 months based on standard conditions) Your Filter Depot provides quality 3M Filtrete air filters like the Ultra allergen by 3m at low prices, making it quick and affordable to replace your filters on time. We also carry Filtrete for high-efficiency room air purifiers. Keeping your rooms or high-traffic areas free of harmful particles and unwanted odors is possible with a Filtrete air filtration system. Make sure you purchase the right size Filtrete filter to ensure optimum performance.

Along with 3M Filtrete air filters for your room air purifier , Your Filter Depot offers filters for other household systems such as 3M furnace filters for the furnace. Simply browse our website to find the filter, vacuum bag or other part you’re looking for and order online to experience fast and affordable shipping. And if you can’t find the electrostatic air filter or other item you need, please contact us today.

Filtrete Allergen Reduction Filter (MPR 1550)
Designed for Honeywell air cleaners
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